The Colon & Rectal Clinic of Ft. Lauderdale

CRC Ft. Lauderdale believes in the power of knowledge.   We offer the most current information on colon disease and minimally invasive procedures.

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Colon Surgeries

Conditions of the colon vary by severity; some cause mild irritation while others can be life-threatening.4 Information about the diagnosis of colon disease is presented here, as well as information about five types of colon disease.

Diagnosis of Colon Disease

The key to early detection of colon disease is a patient’s willingness to seek medical attention. The physician generally will perform the following:

Diseases of the Colon

On the sub pages listed below you will find user-friendly descriptions of the diseases of the colon, lists of their symptoms and causes, and information about minimally invasive procedures (MIP) as a treatment option.

You will also find a description of MIP surgery contrasted with open surgery, plus comparisons between MIP and open surgery in terms of:

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